Applications of High-Pressure Glass Reactor

Applications of High-Pressure Glass Reactor

Ablaze Export has successfully designed and manufactured High-Pressure Glass Reactors for laboratory applications. These High-Pressure Glass Reactors can be used for Scale-up studies of applications with high pressure.

High-Pressure Glass Reactor series is a small assembly with a stirrer, which has been designed for users requiring higher operating pressures or generates high pressure during the reaction process which is beyond the limitations of standard Benchtop Lab Reactors. All High-Pressure Glass Reactors manufactured at Ablaze Export are tested for operations on the pressure in a range of -1 (FV) ~ +12 bar (g) at the temperature up to 200° C.

Almost all Scientists and Chemists visualise the process/reaction in dreams and thoughts and to fulfil their desire to witness the process/reaction, Ablaze Export High-Pressure Glass Reactor is the ideal product as the Glass being transparent fulfils their desire. We care for the safety of Scientists and Chemists and therefore, the High-Pressure Glass Reactor is enclosed in the transparent canopy to add on to their safety through any untoward incident.

The High-Pressure Glass Reactor made from Borosilicate Glass 3.3 is Non-Corrosive, Non-Reactive to almost all chemicals except for Florine, Phosphorous and hot strong caustic solutions, allowing visual monitoring of processes and necessary actions thereof. 

These reactors are equipped with high torque magnetic drives having stirring capacity up to 1200 RPM, ensuring efficient mixing and stirring of low/high viscosity process media maintaining uniform temperature. We have a variety of stirrers (Anchor / Moon Blade / Impeller / Propeller / Etc.) for customer’s choice as per the required process/application. 

Complete, one-piece, bottom-outlet jacketed flask, high-pressure reactor systems are too compact and lightweight to be handled comfortably on a standard height bench top and can be equipped in the benchtop mountings.



Reactor Volume : 250 mL to 2000 mL

Pressure : -1 Full Vacuum ~ +12 Bar (g)

Temperature : -20° C to +200° C 

The material of Constructions: Borosilicate Glass 3.3


Pertinent Features:

  • Modular interchangeable reactor design for scalable reaction
  • Multi-port Lid for maximum adaptation
  • Safety Valve and Pressure Gauge included
  • Equipped in Safety Canopy
  • RPM up to 1200, ideal for highly viscous reactions
  • Bench-top compact design
  • Zero hold-ups Bottom valve with flush
  • Jacketed and Triple-Walled models available
  • Jacket pressure up to +0.5 bar (g)


Applications for Research / Process / Experiments:

  • Catalytic Reaction
  • Polymerization Reaction
  • Synthesis Reaction
  • Crystallization
  • Biofuels Synthesis
  • Hydrogenation Reaction
  • Nanoparticle Synthesis

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