Bromine Recovery Plants


Product Description

Bromine finds its application directly and indirectly in the manufacture of pesticides, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, fire-retardants, photography chemicals, and many others. Bromine occurs in nature as Bromide salt present in seawater and in-land brine which is used for the grassroots production of Bromine. It is also recovered from industrial effluents/ byproducts where it occurs as different Bromide salts. Ablaze has a long and successful record of design and supply of several Bromine Recovery Plants – both grass-roots and from industrial effluents. Being manufacturer of Borosilicate Glass equipment, PTFE components and PTFE lined components, Ablaze is well qualified to handle such recovery systems as these are the major Material of Construction used in such systems. Custom made designs are offered for various Bromine Recovery Plants, depending on the source of Bromide and the end use of final product Bromine. Typical Product quality for Bromine recovered from such recovery plants is as follows:

    • Bromine 99.5% w/w min
    • Chlorine 0.3% w/w max
    • Moisture 0.1% w/w max

However, the system can be designed to give the desired product quality as per the customer requirement. For eg. system can be designed to give dry Bromine if so required. There are two established Processes for the Recovery of Bromine from aqueous Bromide solutions.


Salient Features

  • Energy efficiency
  • Lower specific consumption figures
  • Instrumentation
  • Safety
  • Alternative/ options of MoC


Hot Process Cold Process

For Grass root bromine recovery, either Hot Blowing Process or Cold Blowing Process is selected depending on the Bromine content in the bittern. Also, Cold Process is preferred for very large production capacities. As the industrial effluents are more concentrated in Bromine/ Bromide content, Hot Process is employed for Bromine recovery from industrial effluents. However, since the industrial effluents invariably contain some impurities carried over from the source process, such a recovery system is preceded by a suitable pre-treatment system.


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