Dry HCL Gas Generator by Azeotropic Boiling Route


Product Description

The plant produces dry HCl gas by the process of distillation of 30% hydrochloric acid solution as a continuous process. The feed 30% HCl acid is preheated by the outgoing hot bottom product in the heat exchanger and fed to the azeotropic distillation column by the pump in a controlled rate. The heat energy is supplied by steam to the thermosiphon reboiler at bottom of the column.

The bottom product from the plant is constant boiling approx 21% acid solution which is cooled by the cold 30% acid feed solution prior to discharge.

The top product HCl gas is dried in the Drying Unit using Sulfuric acid / suitable dehydrating agent. The product HCl gas is anhydrous.

All the wetted parts of the system are fabricated from corrosion resistant materials (Glass and Graphite).

Salient Features

    • Medium capital cost
    • Simple process
    • Compact design
    • Pure 21% HCl as bottom product
    • Low operating cost

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