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Heating and Cool Circulator

The liquid circulation is airtight that with expansion container, the expansion container and the liquid circulation are adiabatic, and not mix with liquid circulation, just the connection of machinery, no matter the temperature is high or low of liquid circulation, the medium of the expansion container is below 60 degrees.
The whole liquid circulation is an airtight system without moisture absorption at low temperatures and without oil mist at high temperatures.
Thermal Oil can achieve a wide working temperature; There isn’t use solenoid valve in the whole circulation system.



    • Reactor temp control


Model Features

  • Wide working temperature range with the heating and cooling function, the max temp can reach -25 to200 degrees.
  • The controller with 2 LED displays, can display the set value, actual value and overtemperature alarm value of temperatures.
  • High efficient and fast, easy to fill liquid.
  • To ensure rapid cooling in the high-temperature circumstances, can achieve continuous temperature control of 200 to -25 degrees.
  • All airtight process of circulation management without oil mist and water absorption condition to make sure the safety of the test and the life of the thermal fluid.
  • The cooling unit of Emerson compressor wheel, circulating pump with stable and reliable quality.
  • Have a variety of security features of self-diagnostic, refrigerator overload protection, high-pressure switch, overload relays, and thermal protection device.
  • Control the temperature of the thermal medium, use the same thermal medium at the whole increasing and decreasing temperature process.
  • High lift design to satisfy that conveying thermal medium with long distance.



Temperature Range -10ºC-180ºC -25ºC-200ºC
Control Model PID Control
Temperature Sensor PT 100
Temp Accuracy ±1ºC
Heater Power 2.2kW 4kW 6kWL 9kW 15kW
Cooling Capacity 2.2kW 4.2kW 7.2kW 10kW 15kW
Flow Press Max25/min2bar Max35/min2bar Max35/min2bar Max50/min2bar Max50/min2bar
Cubage 11L 11L 18L 20L 25L
Freon R-404A
Pipe Side DN15 DN20 DN20 DN20 DN20
Dimension(mm) 480x700x980 480x700x980 500x720x1400 650x800x1500 800x800x1800
Weight 152kg 165kg 260kg 290kg 300kg
Power AC 220V 50HZ 4kW(max) AC 380V 50HZ 6kW(max) AC 380V 50HZ 11kW(max) AC 380V 50HZ 15kW(max) AC 380V 50HZ 23kW(max)

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