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High-Pressure Glass Reactor - Autoclave

One of Everything - Platform Cultivation Glass Vessel For all types of Lab Reactors.

Ablaze successfully designed and produced High Pressure Glass Reactors for use on a laboratory scale. Scale-up experiments also involve the application of high pressure, and this is now possible with the other additional benefits of a glass reactor. High-pressure glass reactors are built with corrosion-resistant materials that ensure high resistance to acids while allowing reactions under pressure. The magnetic stirrer drive ensures adequate mixing and stirring of the process media, as well as excellent heat transfer.


The advanced High Pressure Lab Reactors produced by Ablaze are safe, efficient, easy to operate, and offer the interchangeability advantage. The key highlights of the product are the use of top quality raw material combined with modular and highly durable configuration options.

This system of stirred reactors has been configured for users requiring higher operating pressures than those provided by the General-Purpose Reactors, along with reaction visibility. These reactors provide up to 6 bar of working pressure at temperatures up to 200°c.

Full, single-piece, jacketed glass flask with a bottom drain, High Pressure Reactor systems built to conduct low to moderate positive pressure reactions, synthesis, and catalysis. These reactors can be used in benchtop casings and are too compact and lightweight to handle comfortably on a standard high benchtop.

Such pressure reactors are increasingly used in various chemical processing and material research applications.


Salient Features

  • Modular and interchangeable construction.
  • Multi-port Lid for maximum customization.
  • RPM up to 1200, making it suitable for highly viscous reactions.
  • Compact Benchtop design.
  • Zero hold-ups Flush bottom valve.
  • Triple wall reactor for Cryogenic (-90°C) chemistry.
  • Jacketed and Triple-Walled Options
  • Including with safety valve and pressure gauge
  • Visual evaluation of the process with glass pressure vessel
  • 6 bar and 12 bar Versions
  • Operation Jacket Pressure: up to +0.5 bar G
  • Support Structure cover with Poly-carbonate sheet

Typical applications

  • Chemical research, synthesis
  • Polymerization reactor
  • Synthesis reactor
  • Catalytic reactor
  • Crystallization
  • Petrochemical research
  • Hydrogenation reactor
  • Nanoparticle synthesis
  • Biomass research
  • Biopolymer research



Reactor Volume: 0.25 – 2.0 liter

Pressure: -1 (FV) to + 6 (12) bar

Temperature: – 20 °C to +200 °C

Reactor MoC: Borosilicate glass 3.3

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