Glass Reactor with Rectification Column


Product Description

The combination of Glass Reactor with Rectification Column (borosilicate glass 3.3 distillation attachments) is an attractive approach that has been used effectively in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

In general, there is an important position in the manufacture of highly refined and highly pure products such as fine chemicals, plant protection agents, vitamins and pharmaceuticals, metal-free and highly corrosion-resistant material.

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The working theory of the laboratory rectification tower: fluid mixing by partial gasification and condensation for several periods, as the various components have different instability characteristics, so that they can achieve the objective of mixture separation.

The rectifying glass reactor is famous for cleaning spices, intermediate pharmaceutical, new material, etc. For practice, the “reaction” and “distillation” processes are often sequentially performed to ensure that the initial materials react to the target products within the same equipment.

Key Features

  • Integrated stainless steel tube, mobile frame structure, reaction vessel cover with 5 necks for re-fluxing, liquid feeding, temperature measurement, etc.
  • Borosilicate glass3.3, good chemical and physical properties.
  • PTFE seal, to keep high-precision sealing under poor working state.
  • Japan technology AC gear reducer motor, strong torsion, no noise.
  • PTFE stirring paddle is suitable for stirring and mixing different kinds of materials.
  • PTFE discharge valve can discharge materials thoroughly and quick.

Types of Applications

  • Boiling under reflux and coil heat exchanger distillation
  • Boiling with shell and heat exchanger under reflux and distillation
  • Distillation with phase separation
  • Vacuum distillation
  • Rectification purpose

Dimension Table

Neck No. on Cover666666
External Diameter of Inner Vessel(mm)230290330365410460
External Diameter of Outer Vessel(mm)290330365410460500
Cover Diameter(mm)265265265265340340
Vessel Height(mm)450550730850950950
Motor Power(W)140140140140250250
Vacuum Degree(Mpa)0.0980.0980.0980.0980.0980.098
Rotation Speed(rpm)50-60050-60050-60050-60050-60050-600
Materials3.3High borosilicate glass,0.25L-200L is optional
Receiving Flask3.3High borosilicate glass,1L-100L is optional
Type of Stirringdifferent types of stirring paddles (anchor, paddle frame, impeller etc), which can be used for the stirring and mixing of different viscosity liquid.
Condenser3.3High borosilicate glass,(0.3 ~3)square meters is optional

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