Random Packing

What types of random packing’s do you want? We can customize for you

Ablaze Export Pvt. Ltd. has been offering the random packing various sizes and MOC, all standard random packing you can purchase from us. Additionally, tell us your drawings and requirements, we will customize them for you. All types of random packing in metallic, plastic and ceramic materials supply high performance in coal gas, petroleum, chemical and other fields for distillation, absorption, purification, and other processes.

We are Ablaze Export Pvt. Ltd., we are the leading Random Packing Manufacturers providing you the best-in-class products as follows:


Random Packing Manufacturers

  • Dixon Ring
  • Cannon Ring
  • Pall Ring
  • Raschig Ring
  • Super Mini Ring
  • Conjugate Ring
  • Cascade Mini Ring
  • Teller Rosette Ring
  • Super Raschig Ring
  • Intalox Saddle Ring


Let’s have a quick look at the random packing materials.

Dixon Ring

Dixon Ring is also known as Ѳ packing ring, which is usually made up of stainless steel and other metallic wires. It is made by weaving the metal wires into rolls and cutting them to specified strips and then+232y these strips are rolled up to form Dixon rings. The diameter and height of a Dixon ring is equal which is known to supply high performance.

There are many random packing manufacturers who produce such packing materials but only we assure and pledge to provide you the best quality products.

Pall Ring

Pall ring is widely accepted as the second generation tower packing material that is widely used. The Raschig ring and Pall ring forms help in designing the rectangular windows. A unique multiple blade design of the Pall ring helps enlarge the internal surface area that will benefit the process of exchange between fluid and air. As compared to Raschig rings, Pall rings’ pressure handling capacity spikes by 50% when both are tested together in a single pressure drop condition. Pall rings can be made from metallic, plastic and ceramic materials.

Raschig Ring

Raschig ring is the first generation tower packing. It has simple structure and economical cost to be widely accepted and used in various fields. The material of a Raschig ring can be metal, plastic and ceramic. The height of the Raschig ring is the same as the diameter. It can be made into 6–150 mm. And the most popular sizes range from 25 mm to 75 mm. Because its mass transfer efficiency is low and handling capacity is small, so it is replaced by the other high efficient packing materials.

Cannon Ring

Cannon ring has similar sizes with the Dixon ring, which is small but high efficient. It is commonly made from stainless steel. Also, Monel and other materials can be used that will help develop anti-corrosion and rust resistant properties. Several tiny holes are made into the stainless steel or any other metal plates. As the points of the die push passing through the metal, jagged burrs are formed on the reverse side of the plates. The tensile strength is higher than other laboratory packing's.


Super Mini

Super mini ring is also known as a flat ring which is a progressive random packing material used in the column tower packing. It has a similar structure with cascade mini ring, which has low height and wall windows. But there is no flanging structure at the top and bottom. It can improve the packing strength through adjusting the arc of the internal blade. Super mini rings possess a low pressure drop performance, an acceptable flow structure, and high mass transfer efficiency. Super mini rings have two main types, which are different in the internal blades, which are named QH-1 and QH-2.

Teller Rosett Rings

Teller rosette rings are made of metal or plastic materials. Metal rosette ring is combined with twelve small rings in a radial direction! The plastic teller rosette ring has different small ring quantities with metal teller rosette rings. You can arrange around 10 small rings in the anarchist direction. The special structure of the teller rosette ring makes it large void fraction, non-jam, large flux and low pressure drop. Because there are large quantities of fluid volume in the packing gap, it extends the stop time of liquid and increases the contacting period of liquid and gas and improves the mass transfer efficiency.

Cascade Mini Ring

Cascade mini ring is designed to have a flanging structure on its top, which increases its mechanical strength along with improving its directional ratio via breaking the symmetry of packing. Additionally, it increases the void fraction between cascade rings and ensures uniform liquid and gas distribution and high mass transfer performance.Cascade mini ring has half height-diameter-ratio of pall ring, which reduces the pressure drop and increases the flux.

Conjugate Ring

Ablaze Export Pvt. Ltd.  is among the best random packing manufacturers in the country. We design and provide Conjugate rings for plastic, metallic, and ceramic materials. Our Conjugate rings are highly efficient among the packing materials used in the column towers. It takes good advantages of annular rings and saddle rings.

Intalox Saddle Ring

Intalox saddle ring is available in metal, plastic, and ceramic materials, and is one of the most widely used random packing in various fields. It is produced through a continuous extruder process. Compared with the Raschig Ring, it has high flux, low pressure drop and high efficiency performance. It has higher strength and stiffness than the Pall ring. The Intalox saddle ring packing bed has a larger void fraction and the most of the flowing channel is circular arc, which can reduce the resistance and diffusivity ratio. Ceramic pall rings take advantage of Annular ring and Saddle ring, which can improve the gas and liquid distribution and have excellent acid and temperature resistance. It can be used in the organic acid, organic solvent and inorganic acid except for the hydrofluoric acid.

Super Raschig Ring

Super Raschig ring also called double layar conjugate ring, is an advanced random packing then Raschig ring. It is made of carbon steel stainless steel and aluminum alloy steel materials. If you compare the traditional packing material and Super Raschig ring, you’ll find that the Super Raschig ring has 33% more loading capacity, 67% higher pressure drop performance and an increase of 12% in the separating efficiency. It is ideal for Vacuum distillation and dealing materials of easy carbonization, easy polymerization, and easy decomposition materials.

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