Why Jacketed Glass Reactor are Popular?

What is Jacketed Glass Reactor?

A Jacketed glass reactor used in the chemical & pharmaceutical industries is an equipment designed to regulate the temperature of its content by using a “jacket” either for cooling or heating around the vessel in which a heating or cooling fluid circulates. Agitation can also be used to increase the homogeneity of the fluid properties such as concentration or temperature in jacketed glass vessels.


How does it work?

  • Via a double lined glass reactor interlayer, material or liquid is injected into glass reaction vessels with thermally dissolved or cooling process.
  • Link the external Cooling or Heating equipment with the Double Lined glass reactor.
  • Make sure to stir the material or liquid that is heated by an Agitator at constant level.
  • It can churn and react in the sealed reactor, under the natural or negative pressure.
  • After reaction, the material can be drained from the outlet valve given at the bottom of the reactor, the operation of which is very simple.
  • The reactor is the perfect tool to conduct experiments for biochemical, modern chemistry, advanced synthetics studies, and pharmacy.


Pertinent Features

  • It is built with Borosilicate glass 3.3 and has excellent physical as well as chemical properties.
  • It has an inbuilt ATEX Motor, a digital display that shows the mixing speed, a frequency conversion tool, and it is brushless, the mixing system works at a constant rate, it is sparkless, absolutely safe and stable.
  • It is manufactured with rugged steel and reinforced PTFE stirrer along with an anchor agitator that favors a variety of material viscosity.
  • It has PTFE discharge valves that can discharge or dispose of the materials quickly and thoroughly.
  • It is proven to work under pressure as well as in the vacuum conditions, under the vacuum.
  • The Ex-proof motors can be attached as an option for 10L, 20L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 150L.
  • The whole structure is unique, practical, and beautiful.



  • Pt100 sensor works accurately in measuring high temperatures and small errors, which will improve the work efficiency and make it better;
  • The heating or cooling material poured in the interlayer of the reactor can be released after the completion of the reaction; hence, no liquid gets compiled;
  • The overall column made with Stainless Steel frame structure is strong enough to last long. It comes with a five reactor lids, a full set of reflux, external addition of liquid, and a tool to measure the temperature;
  • It is built with substantial torque and is absolutely noiseless. AC gear reduction motor made with Japanese technology is endorsed;
  • Stirring paddle made up of double-tetrafluoroethylene is specially designed for such glass reactors as they are highly suitable for mixing of any liquid material regardless of low or high viscosity.



Jacketed Glass reactor is widely accepted as Glass lined reactor, is a container which is designed to regulate the temperature of contents around the reactor with a heating or cooling jacket. The jacket is capable of enabling the uniform heat exchange between the fluid that circulates in it and the vessel’s walls.

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