Lab Glass Reactor

Lab Glass Reactor / Benchtop Reactor

One of Everything - Platform Cultivation Glass Vessel for all types of Lab Reactors.

Lab glass reactors are the greatest systems for optimizing and reproducing chemical reactions, mixing, dispersing and homogenizing processes on a laboratory scale. Laboratory glass reactors widely accepted as Lab Glass Reactors are known to allow you to have a clear view of the processing of the chemical reactions happening inside the reactor. Lab glass reactors work perfectly with the given atmospheric pressures as well as the vacuum and have significant corrosion-resistant qualities. To get a higher level of productivity, a considerable amount of accuracy, and complete reproducibility.

The best quality lab glass reactors that are linked with the auxiliary equipment, including thermostats, nutsche filters, and gas scrubbers, gives you the guaranteed optimal process performance in the laboratories. The fireproof design and all the fixed materials permit the safe processing of all the solvents as well as the acids in a fully sealed reaction vessel.

We have a wide range of vessel options that you have all the liberty to choose from our standard product range. Apart from the manufacturing of our premium vessels and reactors, we also have expertise in manufacturing the reactors concerning our client’s requirements.

We have a team of skilled engineers who are working day and night and can also help in designing and manufacturing the glass reactors as per our client’s requirement.



Typical Application

  • Process development
  • Catalytic Research
  • Organic synthesis laboratory
  • Process engineering
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT)
  • Scale-up/Scale-down
  • Kilo-lab/small-scale production
  • Biomass Research

Technical Specification

  • Glass : Borosilicate glass 3.3
  • Temperature range : -70° C to 200° C
  • Pressure range : Full vacuum to 1 bar 
  • Stirrer Speed rang : 50 - 500 rpm 
  • Interaction with reagents : complete Inertness
  • Seal and valve material : Teflon DuPont, PEEK, Kalrez 
  • Jacket : Single for heating / cooling or double for
    additional thermal insulation and cryogenic reasons

Options available

  • Hot water or oil circulator.
  • Chiller.
  • Heating or Cooling system.
  • Vacuum pump.
  • PH probe with a transmitter.
  • Pressure Gauge.


Glass Lab Reactor with Distillation

Lab Glass Reactorwith Distillation


Single reaction system with interchangeable vessels/reactors.

On a single scaffold, reactors/ vessels in range of 250 mL to 5000 mL can be set/replaced giving full scalability to the user.

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Lab Glass Reactor Unit includes

  • Stand with base, support rods, bushes and all clamps
  • Glass reaction vessel with glass lid
  • Vessel with FEP O-ring seal and PTFE collar
  • Stainless Steel tray
  • Vessel-to-manifold insulated hoses with quick-release connections
  • Zero hold up drain
  • IKA motor
  • PTFE stirrer guide
  • Magnetic Seal
  • Temperature Indicator
  • Quick release clamp for reactor 

Compatible with world’s leading brands of Thermocirculators

Our lab glass reactor unit is compatible with all leading brands of thermoregulator including Huber, Julabo, Lauda, etc.


Pertinent Features

  • Lab glass reactors are made from the raw materials imported from Germany.
  • Lab reactors are highly convenient for most of the benchtop fume hoods.
  • Stirrer with a handy mechanical seal, the stuffing box and a magnetic seal.
  • Skid-mounted design and a quick release clamp adheres portability along with simplified installation, deinstallation, maintenance and changeability.
  • Operational under vacuum conditions or Nitrogen Sparging.
  • Designed for minimal volume of waste when flushed.
  • Overhead stirrer geared motor with inbuilt speed controller and digital display.
  • Unique measurement marking device mounted on the vessel.
  • Interchangeable stirrer (anchor, propeller, and a turbine) along with digital indicator to keep watch of reaction temperature.


Ika Motor

Final Thoughts

At Ablaze Export Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture the Lab Glass reactors also know as Benchtop Reactors from European raw material maintaining the best-in-class qualities and characteristics making our product efficient and durable, which makes us favourite in the market.

Send us your URS and our dedicated team will design and manufacturer system fulfilling your needs and requirement.

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