Dry HCL Gas Generator Plants

Product Description

Commercial Hydrochloric acid in the market is available as a 30% aqueous solution and is widely used in industry in large quantities. However, for certain application, such as hydrogenation reaction and in bulk drug /pharmaceutical industry, HCl is required in the gaseous and anhydrous form. Different processes for HCl gas generation from commercial grade HCl Acid are offered based on customer requirement. These processes are as follows:

    • Distillation or Boiling Route
    • Concentrated Sulfuric Acid Route
    • Calcium Chloride Route

HCl Gas Generator Plants are normally available from 5Kg/Hr up to 250 Kg/Hr capacity. Large capacity plants can also be provided on request. Ablaze has a long and successful record of design and supply of several engineered systems for Dry HCl Gas Generation System. Being manufacturer of Borosilicate glass equipment, PTFE Components and PTFE lined components, Ablaze is well qualified to handle such systems, as these are the major material of construction used in such systems, Ablaze also has in-house capabilities for instrumentation and automation, which is necessary for reliable and safe


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