Installation and Inspection

Our Glass Pilot Plants & Equipment.

  • A thorough study of drawings is carried out & Bill of material is verified before commencing the installation activity.
  • Our Engineers can work alone or alongside your plant engineering staff. This can help in reducing time, cost & assist knowledge transfer.
  • Critical inspections are carried out progressive stages to ensure compliance with client’s requirements.
  • We have a well-versed & experienced team to carry out a large installation & commissioning works.
  • We carry out installation & commissioning at manufacturing sectors, chemical plants, pharmaceutical, food & beverage Industries, etc.
  • We have an exclusive facility to provide & manufacture spares that are not standard or not easily available in the market.
  • Training: production and maintenance technicians and operators.

Plant Engineering and Design

Design of all types of Industrial Glass Pilot Plants & Kilo Labs.

We will guide your company to the successful completion of engineering design projects. Experienced and professional, our employees can provide solutions adapted to your needs.

  • 3D design of industrial plants and kilo Lab
  • Plant design layout
  • Development of Process Flow Diagram (PFD)
  • Utility P&ID’s and Distribution Diagrams
  • Line & equipment lists
  • Civil engineering and steelwork basic designs 
  • Isometrics and support materials lists
  • Piping and support detail design (Skids, prefabricated units)

After-Sales Service

Even after a project is complete, we provide a variety of after-sales services to ensure trouble-free, safe and efficient operation of the process plants & kilo labs systems which we deliver. In addition to conventional O&M (operation and maintenance) services, various makeovers (to improve availability, increase capacity, improve efficiency, etc.)

Upgrades & Modernization

Technology and customer needs are changing rapidly. Equipment that was state-of-the-art twenty years ago will no longer be optimal. Our modernization services help you get the most out of technical progress. Here is how: by upgrading your existing plants and machines to improve both productivity and product quality.

We will be providing consulting support and carries out modernization projects, including capacity calculations, plant simulations, new treatment processes and rinses, and automation system upgrades.

Custom Glass Blowing

We manufacture a wide range of glass blowing products including Interchangeable Glassware, Laboratory & Industrial Glassware. We specialize in the design and manufacture of custom glassware to customer specifications.

Assembly Testing of Pilot Plants

Ablaze maintains a full-fledged assembly testing facility for standard pressure/ vacuum & agitators, offers a state-of-the-art setup for mechanical seal and testing and provides lab scale and pilot scale system for product trails and scale up.

Industries We Serve

Ablaze has Design and construct a pilot plant including provisions for process and environmental controls, cleaning and sanitizing systems and waste handling systems, and meeting regulatory agency requirements Evaluate pilot plant results (product and process) including process Economics to make any corrections and a decision on whether or not to proceed with a full scale plant development.

One of our client needed to test and prove the potential market for a new powder Chemical product. So, using chemical engineering and process design tools, Ablaze built a chemical batch reactor pilot plant that processed, dried and packaged the product for distribution. After a successful Testing, of the pilot plant our client able to expand the existing pilot facility into a larger commercial operation using revenue generated from the current operation.

Most of the time this is not a human error on the R&D side or the engineers, rather it is the process itself. When the scale is larger, the process is different. And forecasting these problems are usually too complex. This is where a Pilot plant can be of immense use. The Lab-scale experiment can then be studied in a representative model of the large-scale production plant.

Biochemistry is the application of chemistry in the cellular and molecular research of biological procedures. The researchers combined chemistry, physiology and biology to study the chemistry of living systems as a distinct discipline around the start of the twentieth century, Ablaze proving pilot scale pilot plant for performance of integrated biochemical processes for the production of fuels and chemicals.

The fragrance is a blend of essential oils or aroma compounds that are aromatic to a solvent. A popular method to obtain plant-based aromatic compounds such as orange blossoms and roses etc. The raw material is heated, and the perfumed compounds are collected again through the distilled vapor condensation. We offer semi-commercial pilot processing plants for the perfume and fragrances sectors.

We have also developed the pilot plants for mining industries that produce precious metals. And they have to ensure the quality of those metals which they are getting from mining. To ensure their quality Ablaze helped their clients all around the world. We have also established our presence among the productivity of precious metal refining plant manufacturers.

Fine Chemical is low production ratio and they are so highly valued. Second is Basic chemicals are chemical substances used as a starting material for the production of a wide variety of other chemicals. Ablaze worked and developed pilot plants for Fine Chemicals & Basic Chemicals industries to ensure them about their products and investments.

The pharmaceutical industry is essential because they are a key source of medical innovation. The process development or the process simulation in our kilo lab units or pilot plants in the laboratory is usually done. It is also suitable for the manufacturing of high-quality active pharmaceutical & intermediate ingredients in small volumes.

Modern chemical plants are progressively complicated and sophisticated. Our teaching system aims to ensure that the differential phases can be clearly and fully understood when the finished plant is built. We supply the instructional system with the organizational objective of education.

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