Dry HCL Gas Generator by Calcium Chloride Route


Product Description

The plant produces dry HCl gas by distillation of 30% hydrochloric acid with Calcium Chloride solution as entrainer. Preheated 30% HCl acid is fed to the azeotropic distillation column. Co-current feed of concentrated Calcium Chloride solution is also fed to the distillation column.

HCl gas is generated by mixing of both liquids and rises in the column. The top product HCl gas is dried in the Drying Unit using sulfuric acid / suitable dehydrating agent.

Thermosiphon reboiler provides heat energy for the distillation process using steam. The bottom product from the column is dilute Calcium Chloride solution with dissolved HCl content.

The dilute CaCl solution is concentrated in the evaporator by 2 steam and the re-concentrated CaCl solution is recycled to 2 the distillation column by the pump. The vapor from the evaporation process is condensed and consists of water and approx 1% HCl.

All the wetted parts of the system are fabricated from corrosion resistant materials (Glass and Graphite etc.)

Salient Features

  • Negligible Effluent
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Zero Discharge
  • Highest Turndown ratio

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