Sulfuric Acid Concentration Plant


Product Description

Sulfuric acid finds its application directly and indirectly in the manufacture of fertilizers, dyes, intermediates, and many others. Commercial Sulfuric acid is typically available as 98% w/w concentration. Several applications of Sulfuric acid involve the use of medium or high concentration acid, which ends up as relatively dilute acid by picking up water from the reaction. This dilute acid may be concentrated to bring it to the desired concentration level and recycled in the process. This takes care of an effluent problem and also, reduces the requirement of fresh make-up acid.

Sulfuric acid is highly toxic and corrosive and reacts readily with metals, depending on its strength and operating parameters. Thus, very few Material of Construction are compatible to handle, process and store Sulfuric acid. Thus, special design and special knowledge are required to set up and operate plants handling Sulfuric acid.

Ablaze has a long and successful record of design and supply of several Engineered systems for mineral acids. Being manufacturer of Borosilicate Glass equipment, PTFE components and PTFE lined components, Ablaze is well qualified to handle such systems as these are the major Material of Construction used in such systems. Ablaze also has in-house capabilities for Instrumentation and Automation, which is necessary for reliable and safe operation.

Custom made designs are offered for Sulfuric Acid Concentration Plant, depending on the initial and final concentrations of acid, heating medium and cooling medium available, etc.

The process basically involves boiling of Sulfuric acid to preferentially evaporate water. The process scheme and operating parameters are selected based on several factors like plant capacity, feed composition/ impurities, initial and
final concentration, utilities available etc.

A typical and generic flow scheme is shown for a Concentration of Sulfuric acid. The actual process scheme is decided based on the above factors

Feed Dilute Acid is fed to the Evaporator/ Boiler at suitable operating pressure. The preferentially evaporated water is
condensed in a condenser and the condensate collected.

Multiple stages and Vacuum operation may be considered depending on final strength, utilities available and the plant capacity. At higher concentrations of acid, proper demister needs to be provided to avoid carryover of Acid Mist

Salient Features

  • Energy efficiency
  • Instrumentation
  • Alternative/ options of MoC
  • Safety

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