Gas Absorber Falling Film Type


Product Description

Efficient gas absorption depends on the following:

  • Intimate Contact
  • Efficient Heat Transfer

This is achieved in a Falling Film Absorber which is essentially a shell & tube heat exchanger in which both gas to be absorbed and absorbing liquid flow co-currently downward with the extraction of heat by circulation of coolant in the shell. The absorbing liquid is circulated through a tank till the desired concentration is achieved. The liquid flows at such a rate that the tubes do no flow full of the liquid but instead, descends by gravity along the inner walls of the tubes as a thin film. Obviously, this produces a much greater linear velocity for a given rate flow that could be obtained if the tube flowed full.

The equipment works as a number of water cooled-wall columns in parallel and each tube is provided with distribution system on top to effect uniform distribution of both liquid and gas and also the formation of a thin liquid film on the inner surface of the tube.


Other Area of Applications

  • Hydrogen Chloride Gas / Sulphur Dioxide Gas Absorption
  • Hydrogen Chloride Gas / Chlorine Gas Absorption
  • Hydrogen Bromide Gas absorption
  • Hydrogen Chloride Gas / Chlorine Gas / Sulphur Dioxide Absorption


Salient Features

  • High absorption efficiency
  • High acid concentration is achievable
  • Low outlet temperature
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Safe Operation due to a low isothermal temperature
  • Handle a wide range of gas loading with minimum liquid flow rates to maintain full tube wetting
  • Variation in Hydrogen Chloride Gas flow rates or Composition causes no operation problem.
  • All the wetted parts of the falling film absorber are corrosion resistant to all the aggressive gases even at elevated temperatures

Dimension Table

Nominal SIZE (mm)Absorber AREA (m2)No. Of Tube OD (mm)Rate ( Pure HCL) ( kg/Hr)Rate (As 30% HCL ) ( kg/Hr)CAT. REF

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