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“What types of random packings you want, What we can customize for you…”

Ablaze Export Incorporation has been offering the random packing various size and MOC, all standard random packing you can purchase from us. Additional, tell us your drawings and requirements, we will customize them for you. All types of random packing in metallic, plastic and ceramic materials supply high performance in coal gas, petroleum, chemical and other fields for distillation, absorption, purification, and other processes.

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You can contact us via calling on +91-265-2570105 or email at info@ablazeexport.com or click below to submit a business inquiry online.

Thanks for your good support to our company for the herbal extraction with your Glass Equipment, We bought the perfect product from your company, it gave us the best results.

Mr. Hindar Sono
Operational Director, BioHerba Extraction Plant – Indonesian

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