Glass Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Salient Features

  • Larger Heat Transfer Surfaces
  • High Heat Transfer Coefficients
  • Both Shell and Tubes sides can be Corrosion and Diffusion Resistant
  • Modular Design, making maintenance simple and spare part stocking easy
  • Pressure Resistant up to +6 bar G
  • Suitable for Pharma GMP applications with ultra-pure products
  • Available across a broad range of Heat Transfer areas from 0.3m2 to 50m2
  • High Resistance to Corrosion, Oxidation and Erosion across the operating temperature range


Because of the universal design, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger find application in a lot of heat transfer processes such as

  • Condensation
  • Heat Transfer
  • Cooling
  • Reboiler

And are designed to operate between

Temperature: -40 °C to +150 °C

Pressure: -1 Bar G to +3.5 Bar G Maximum allowable temperature difference between media: 70°C


Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are one of the most common and versatile types of exchangers used in heat transfer applications. They allow transfer of large amounts of heat in a more compact construction than is possible with conventional coil type heat exchangers. Shell and Tube type Heat Exchangers find application as heaters, coolers, condensers, vaporizers, reboilers, etc.

Area: Upto 50 m2

No. Of Pass: Upto 3 Pass

Mode Of Construction

Ablaze offers a huge variety of MOCs to choose from, depending on process requirements

MaterialPressure + bargMaterialPressure + bargMaterialPressure + barg
Mild Steel6Mild Steel6Silicon Carbide3.5(10)
Stainless Steel6Stainless Steel6Graphite3.5(6)
Enamel Lined6Enamel Lined6
PTFE Lined6PTFE Lined6

* Tubes of Hastelloy, tantalum, and other exotic metals can be provided on request.

* Customized solutions can be offered for process parameters other than these

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