Sulfuric Acid Dilution Plant

Sulfuric Acid Dilution Plant

Sulfuric acid finds its application directly and indirectly in the manufacture of fertilizers, dyes, intermediates, and many others. Commercial Sulfuric acid is typically available as 98% w/w concentration. Several applications of Sulfuric acid involve the need of diluting high concentration acid to medium or low concentration to be used in reactions. Dilution of Sulphuric Acid evolves high amounts of heat, posing engineering challenges.

Sulfuric acid is highly toxic and corrosive and reacts readily with metals, depending on its strength and operating parameters. Thus, very few Material of Construction are compatible to handle, process and store Sulfuric acid. Thus, special design and special knowledge are required to set up and operate plants handling Sulfuric acid.

Ablaze has a long and successful record of design and supply of several Engineered systems for mineral acids. Being a manufacturer of Borosilicate Glass equipment, PTFE components and PTFE lined components, Ablaze is well qualified to handle such systems as these are the major material of Construction used in such systems. Ablaze also has in-house capabilities for Instrumentation and Automation, which is necessary for reliable and safe operation.

Custom made designs are offered for Sulphuric acid dilution systems, depending on the initial and final concentrations of acid, cooling medium available, etc.

There are two Established Methods For Sulfuric Dilution:

  • Batch / Re-circulatory process – typically used for small to medium capacity units.
  • Continuous/ Once through a process – typically used for medium to high capacity units.

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