Bromine Recovery by Hot Process

Product Description

The acidified feed containing Bromide salts is preheated and fed to Reaction-cum-stripping tower, where Chlorine gas and steam are injected. The Chlorine gas liberates free Bromine which is stripped out by live steam in form of vapors.

These vapors are condensed in a series of condensers, and condensate is collected in phase-separator. The water phase is refluxed to the tower and separated Crude. Bromine goes for distillation to remove dissolved Chlorine. Pure Bromine after distillation is collected as bottom product. This Bromine is cooled and collected in product receiver/s.

A Vent condenser condenses most of the Bromine and recycles into the system. The non-condensibles are taken to the Vent scrubber.

The debrominated effluent from the stripping tower exchanges heat with the feed and is relatively cooled down. It may be taken for neutralization and effluent treatment.

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